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Give yourself a moment of complete relaxation and rest in the new SPA of the Hotel Rivus
Pamper yourself in the gentle massage of our Jacuzzis, or invigorate your body in the warmth of the Finnish sauna.
The new wellness area is equipped with all the comforts that allow you to follow various paths of rest or purification.
The hydromassage benefits blood and lymphatic circulation by reducing heaviness in the legs and swelling; it is useful for preventing cellulite as the pressure exerted by the jets favors the drainage of liquids.
If done with hot water, the hydromassage loosens muscle tension. In addition, the skin under the action of the jets of water tones, smoothes and relaxes.

Vasca idromassaggi
Finnish Suna
To facilitate the process of expelling metabolic waste through sweating and making the skin soft and supple, the SPA of the Hotel Oliveto offers 2 types of saunas.
The Finnish Sauna , thanks to its high temperature (75 ° C +) and low humidity level, is the right choice for those who have a lot of stamina and want to quickly achieve the desired results, purify the skin and strengthen the breathing muscles.
The BIO-Sauna , on the other hand, offers a less intense environment with temperatures around 60 ° C.
Furthermore, thanks to the control of internal humidity, it makes staying inside pleasant by favoring sweating and accentuating the softness of the skin.
Sauna finlandse
Opening time
The Wellness Area & SPA is open every day  from 09:00 to 22:00.

Access is subject to a fee and is allowed for 1 hour upon reservation made in advance, in order to avoid unavailability.
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